Characteristics and processing methods of economic

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Characteristics and processing methods of economical CNC lathe

economical CNC lathe should also match the correction action after the connecting probe/head falls. CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool with leading market position, good industrial dynamic accuracy and high efficiency. Equipped with multi station turret or power turret, it has a wide range of processing performance, and can process linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc, various threads, grooves, worms and other complex workpieces. It is widely used in the manufacturing of hardware parts, instruments, valves and other complex parts of automobile, gas, electrical equipment, motor and other industries

On the basis of the development of NC lathe, the degree of automation has been greatly improved. The automatic control system of economical CNC lathe is mainly composed of single chip microcomputer. Through the control program, the longitudinal and transverse feeding device and tool changing device of the machine tool are controlled to automatically complete the processing of parts

the processing methods of economical CNC lathes are also different. At the end of the program running of the economical NC lathe, the tool can not return to the zero point. Generally, the reason for this phenomenon is mainly caused by the failure of the control system. When the tool is feeding or processing, it is required to run at a low speed. At this time, the running speed of the stepping motor is low, and the low-voltage power supply is used for power supply. When the program returns to zero, it is required to return quickly. At this time, the stepping motor is required to run at a high speed, and the high-voltage driving power supply is used to increase the output torque and ensure the normal return to zero. There is a switch triode that controls the output of the high-voltage drive power supply. When the switch triode is damaged and returns to zero at high speed, the high-voltage power supply cannot be turned on, and the output torque of the stepping motor is not enough, resulting in the loss of return to zero, resulting in the tool not returning to the original point. This fault can be eliminated by replacing the switch triode

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