Bus hijacker sentenced to death in Fujian

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Bus hijacker sentenced to death in Fujian

The man who hijacked a bus anhas been charged with one count of terrorism causing death and four counts of first-degree murderd drove it into pedestrians, killing eight, was sentenced to death in East China's Fujian province, a local court announced Tuesday evening.

The incident happened at about 3:20 pm in the city of Longyan on Dec 25. The Longyan Intermediate People's Court sentenced the hijacker, Qiu Rihui, to death on Monday for intentional homicide and endangering public security in a dangerous manner.

Qiu, 49, had been harboring grudges against a cRescue work is currently underwayommunity worker, who had visited Qiu's house on the day of the attack to help his father claim benefits. Qiu killed the community worker with a knife after the pair had a dispute. He then carried out the attack, and 22 others were injured.

The court said Qiu had been extremely cruel in the attack, which greatly endangered people's lives, therefore he should be strictly punished in accordance with the law.

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